In Livtech Transformation Process

Transforming your enterprise to SD-WAN, UCaaS and Contact Center now seems like a matter of when not if. Shifting to the cloud requires a comprehensive review to determine its viability for your business. Cloud offers opportunities such as reduced costs, improved agility and scale, standardized security, application integrations and faster implementations. As a result, nearly 65% of organizations have adopted, or plan to adopt, cloud-based services for their enterprise (Nemertes Research 2019).

Not all cloud services are created equal, which makes differentiating among them an essential task for companies. To save time, money and labor, Enterprises should spend more effort upfront evaluating services and providers to better understand their benefits and drawbacks. 

Livtech’s Transformational Process guides our clients through a discovery phase of their environment, weighted against a partner’s technical and financial solutions, followed by a validated proof of concept, coupled with implementation and life cycle support of the service.

Let our experts guide you through the process.



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