Everyone is entertaining SD-WAN for their network.  It can be fully managed from providers like ATT, VZ, Centurylink and Masergy or in many cases, companies want to manage their own SD-WAN environment themselves.

Is your network ready for SD-WAN?

Here are 5 things to consider for an unmanaged solution:

  1. What does your current environment look like? ie, 50 locations, carriers, bandwidth, term end dates, WAN technologies (MPLS, VPN)?
  2. How many adds, moves and changes are you doing to support your WAN every month?
  3. What are your pain points for your WAN?
  4. What does your ideal network look like? ie, 2 primary/2 backup broadband per device
  5. Are you planning to reuse current circuits for SD-WAN?

Livtech can help.  We can come in, review your current state and see if there’s a way to leverage everything for your future state.

Check out this use case describing our method and massive ROI – C&S Wholesalers – SD-WAN & Internet Aggregation

Settling on an SD-WAN technology is a small part of your journey.  Leverage WAN experts like Livtech to help you execute on an SD-WAN strategy.

It won’t cost you anything.

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