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Connecting the Digital Workforce.

We help companies communicate with employees, customers and applications through our voice and collaboration solutions. We believe that successful companies are connected companies. We make complex, simple! Whether it be traditional PRI and POTs, or a sophisticated Contact Center Solution, our team of experts will assist in designing and sourcing the right technology for you. It doesn’t stop there, our lifecycle support is with you for the life of the relationship.

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Local, Long Distance, Toll Free

Being able to communicate with your customers is a top priority. The core component of many successful businesses is their voice services. Whether it be Local, Long Distance or Toll Free, being able to communicate with partners, suppliers or clients is paramount to your success.


From traditional DIDs, POTS and PRI’s, Livtech has a range of voice solutions for any business. We will work with you to collaborate on a solution that fits your requirements. From one location to many, we have a vast portfolio of voice solutions and providers that will fit your needs.


The mobile industry continues to see explosive growth and managing that environment is increasing difficult. Livtech’s mobility partners will assist in sourcing, deploying, managing and optimizing our clients mobile environment. We’ll managed the day-to-day, time consuming tasks such as MACDs, billing, purchasing, deploying, disconnecting devices, reporting and plan optimization.


Fully integrated IP telephony systems enable data and voice to be transmitted over a single network infrastructure. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks allow the use of industry standard-based protocols to implement and consolidate traditional telecom services such as digital PRIs and analog POTS.


Connecting disperse employees, customers and partners around the world has never been easier. Livtech offers an integrated suite of audio, web and video conferencing solutions that help boost workplace performance. Real-time meetings include face-to-face communications, sharing of content, and high-quality video recordings — all with the productivity of an in-person experience.

Hosted PBX / Contact Center

Hosted VoIP/Contact Center, typically know as Communications-as-a-Service (CasS) is a cloud based solution that provides integration of VoIP, PBX, Presence, Mobility, File sharing, Web Conferencing and more, including applications and management software. Unified Communications reduces IT costs by eliminating equipment support, maintenance and upgrades.

Communicate, Collaborate and Create

As the industry and business practices change, one thing remains critical and consistence, thats an effective communications platform. Livtech’s voice solutions are enabling a better experience with employees and customers.

Voice Success Story:

Conduit Global is a cloud-based, fully integrated BPO company providing multi-channel contact center, back office, professional managed services and thought leadership. This industry leader needed to solidify performance and reliability to ensure constant availability to their contact center agents, all while providing a lower cost of ownership. To accomplish this, Conduit Global partnered with Livtech to support the company’s migration to a cloud-based voice solution. We provided a fully managed, cloud-based SIP and Contact Center solution that connects their agents, offices, call centers and data centers globally.


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