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Change How the World Connects.

The cloud has changed everything in the world of computing…it makes it easier to run your business, share and access information, as well promotes global business.

Livtech is dedicated to helping our clients consume the cloud, while mitigating the risks that come with it. Our team will connect you with the providers and solutions that are going to make your business more productive, secure and profitable.

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Our Services:

Public Cloud

Public cloud service offers a multi tenant environment that provides clients with a pay as you go model, ideal for unpredictable traffic. Our public cloud gives you the flexibility to add additional capacity and services as your applications and demand grows with an easy to use portal interface.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is designed for clients that want the flexibility of a cloud solution while maintaining control, access and security of your dedicated resources. The private cloud service offers a single tenant environment with dedicated servers for maximum security and performance. The environment allows you to customize the design based on your specific requirements.

Hybrid Cloud

For greater flexibility and scale, allow us to combine both public cloud, private cloud and single-tenant environments into a Hybrid cloud solution for you. With the hybrid cloud, approach, you can connect dedicated environments to the private and public clouds of your choice — such as AWS, Microsoft and VMware.


Safeguard against critical applications and systems so you can focus on running your business. Our facilities offer the reliability, performance, and power to protect and connect your data and infrastructure without the expense and risk of building your own data center.

Purpose built solutions that connect people, processes and systems.

We take a personalized approached with each client and are committed to providing transparency and open communications throughout the process.

Cloud Success Story:

Endpoint Armor provides organizations with Next Generation Cloud and Premise-based Security Solutions. Their focus is providing enterprise-class protection against today’s cyber threats. Endpoint Armor turned to Livtech to help design and source their cloud infrastructure. With the assistance of our partner, Rackspace, we were able to create and deploy a public cloud solution that affords EndPoint Armor the ability to easily manage, grow and scale their infrastructure based on client and market demands.

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